Doris Mounsey

My Journey into Kinesiology –

How Kinesiology found me and how I found myself again.

So let the journey begin, I grew up in a small German country town, went to college, joined the IT industry in the early 80’s. I loved math and logic and so I worked my way up to become a senior business and systems analyst.
In 1990 I married, my lovely husband Ian and we moved to Melbourne to settle in Australia. After working for a large Australian Health Insurer I was ready for motherhood. I loved being with my 2 kids and enjoyed celebrating every milestone with them.
But by becoming a full-time mum in 1992, I became invisible to society and my work raising children was only appreciated by my husband.
I missed the recognition I got while analysing complex business problems or integrating new software technologies.
Today, I have developed awareness to see that my horizons were limited by my wish to conform to old belief systems grounded in my upbringing.
Also my intellectual ego wanted to be recognised by former peers and society. So I went back to college and learnt how to develop internet software.

But then I became sick, I started waking up in pain every night with what felt like my own ribcage pulling in on me and making it impossible for me to breath. Sitting up in bed helped and for the next 4 years, I sat up in bed sleeping or pondering life while I was awake for hours.
Using my analytical skills I followed through until I got the official diagnoses of localised fibromyalgia. Now knowing what was keeping me up every night, I started Yoga classes, learned breathing techniques and recognised the body, mind and spirit connection.

Essential Oils and Homeopathy were always something I loved learning about and widely used them for minor complaints in the family. So slowly I came to the conclusion that maybe my body was trying to tell me something around 3am every night.

It took another year of soul searching to allow myself to break free from my old belief systems and find a new profession in which my whole body, mind and spirit would be happy.

I found Kinesiology and was 2 months away from starting the course when I got the diagnoses of breast cancer. I felt completely uprooted and face to face with a life-threating illness.

But by now I had a toolkit: Yoga, Breathing, Reiki, Meditation, nutritional knowledge, a holistic, integrative GP and medical team to help me deal with this health crisis. On a personal level by facing this watershed moment I also allowed myself to truly get involved with what my heart wanted.

So a year later and 4 weeks after my last chemo-therapy I was studying Kinesiology and discovering Aromatic Kinesiology where I could combine my love for Essential Oils with the amazing tools Kinesiology has to offer.

Currently, I’m in my 9th clinic year, love what I’m doing including working with clients, creating, writing and teaching well-being and Chakra workshops to create environments for clients in which they can connect to their heart and allow it blossom.

  • Diploma of Kinesiology HLT51507 in 2010 at the
    Australian College of Complementary Medicine (ACCM)
  • Diploma of Dru Yoga teaching (Dru Yoga Australian 2018) 
  • Aromatic Kinesiology®
    AK1, AK2 and AK3 with Robbi Zeck

    Accredited Aromatic Kinesiology® practitioner 2017 
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy (Light touch)
  • Esoteric Acupuncture (Mikio Sankey, PhD)
  • Reiki Second Degree
  • Yoga Practitioner Level 1 AYA
  • Silva Mind Control Basic Training
  • Cert III in Small Business Management
  • Cert IV in Software Development
  • Senior First Aid
  • Working with Children Permit
  • Registered with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists
  • Insured by Insurance House Group
  • 12 years as Senior Business/Systems Analyst working for high-profile Corporate IT and Health Insurance Companies

I see my role as Kinesiologist in helping you to release Stress from your Body, Mind and Spirit. This allows you to find inner stillness, to reconnect with your heart, calm your mind, get clarity and activate your innate self-healing ability during each of your kinesiology sessions.

From this stillpoint of inner Calmness and Clarity, I discuss with you what next steps you would like to implement in your life, so that you actively create positive change and move towards a healthy body, balance mind and more vitality.

I love the fantastic results of Kinesiology and the flow and renewal we create in our life, when we come from the stillpoint in our heart and listen to our inner knowing.

Thank you for reading my Life’s story, I’m so grateful for every minute of it and enjoy creating more balance and vitality in my world.

Do you feel inspired and would like to start your journey to health and vitality now?