Christmas heartCan you feel that Christmas is coming? Do you think about all the things you wanted to finish before Christmas? Can you feel the stress starting to overwhelm you? Then this loving Self-Care practise can help you to find your balance again.

You can do this self-care practice where ever you are; all you need is a quiet spot to sit down. Now you are ready to begin.

Self-Care Kinesiology is about slowing down, not in the sense of doing things slowly, but in the sense of being mindful for a moment, giving your busy mind a break, recharging your energy and getting your clarity back.

In this first Self-Care practise you are giving yourself a beautiful hand massage. So let’s begin by setting the intention that you are giving yourself a 5min hand massage and you focus on your amazing hands and how many great things they have done for you.
Start with a beautiful, lovely smelling hand crème, take a small amount and start massaging your hands, take your time and focus on your skin, how it feels and how much tension you can release by gentle and slowly massaging your hands.
Specially work your fingers, massage them with intent and visualise that you are pulling out all your negative thoughts and you are letting them go.

By massaging all your fingers you have energised and balanced half of your main meridians (Chinese Energy Channels). So if you have another 5 minutes, include your feet and toes into the massage and then you have re-energised your whole meridians system.

That is what I mean by Self-Care Kinesiology.
Little acts of self-care, easy enough to integrate into your daily life, but powerful enough give you a great break and lift your well-being and spirit.

So by slowing down to give yourself a 5 min hand massage, you are catching your breath, re-charging your energy levels and you become more mindful to what is real important to you. So after this short hand massage you are more balanced and you think with greater clarity which makes you more productive.

So take lots of self-care breaks and recharge to be the best possible you.

If you still feeling stressed and overwhelmed then a Kinesiology session can help you to release your stressful issue and get your life back into balance. I love to help my clients with every overwhelming issue, so ring me on 0432 494 413 to book your Kinesiology appointment.

With Love, Grace and Gratitude Doris