Holding your sacred space with Love, Grace and Gratitude

Holding your sacred space with Love, Grace and Gratitude

Knowing that after years of working with energy that my own energy awareness has become heightened and more finely tuned has its advantages and disadvantages.

There are times, when I have come across a person whose energy doesn’t match my vibration and makes me feel uncomfortable.
It just doesn’t feel right being so close to that person and I would prefer to put a greater distance between us. Sometimes it isn’t possible to get away and we are stuck in that spot and feel their energy clouding ours.
So over the years in my work as Kinesiologist, I have come across a number of tools for keeping unwanted energies out of my energy field. Sometimes I work with cleansing the space with light or sound, calling on all 4 Archangels to hold the healing space for me; I have created different bubbles around me or have used Dave Markowitz’s Chakra Keyhole technique.

But during yesterday’s yoga class I have created my own space holding technique and it has worked brilliantly for me, so that’s why I would like to share it with you.

Over the last few weeks there is this one person in my Yoga class, who is always drawn to be right next to me, too close for my comfort and affecting my energy field. I get this uncomfortable feeling, like when you are in an elevator and someone comes in and instead of standing in the opposite corner, like we normally do, they stand right next to you. So this person’s yoga mat is always too close to me and I have to adjust my mat, so that we don’t constantly bump into each other when we move into the yoga poses.

So as a healer I don’t want to repel their energy, I want to show them compassion, but it is also my yoga practice, my time to recharge, my time to be in a moving meditation and my time just to be in my scared space, my zone. So I need to have some energetic boundaries to get the benefit of my yoga class.

So in yesterday’s yoga class I got this quantum physics’ visualisation
“Be like an atom, put all your energy essence into your nucleus and have your little electrons circling around you defining your space, let the space between the nucleus and the electron become like thin-air which makes it possible for the other person’s energy to pass right through you without affecting or clouding your energy field.”

I purposefully set the intention to concentrate only my energy in my nucleus and that I’m not responsible of anyone else’s vibe or mood.
This has helped me immensely, I could be compassionate towards the person too close to me, but it also has helped me to stay in my relaxation zone and so I was able to recharge fully during yesterday’s yoga class.

So all lovely energy practitioners let’s share this information with others and keep our energy fields sparkling clean, so that we can be ourselves and shine brightly in our energy work.

With Love, Grace and Gratitude Doris