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Stress affects our lives more and more these days and if you don’t manage it you could get sick. Managing your energy and stress levels is the key. Come and learn my simple techniques that are guaranteed to keep you on top of your stress.
Develop an understanding where and how we carry stress in our bodies, helps us to take charge of our lives and control our stress. Let’s face it we can’t get rid of it we have to learn how to manage it.
The Chakra energy system helps us to identify these stress centres before they affect our health and provides us with easy tools to quickly release our stress.
This 8 week Course will empower you to break free from your stress and help you take back control. It will teach you how to balance your energy centres to become calmer and more relaxed, which allows you to cope better with life’s decisions with more clarity.

Break free from Stress – 8 week course

First Evening:     Tuesday, 29th July 2014
Time:                  7pm to 9pm


Other dates are: 5th Aug, 12th Aug, 19th Aug, 26th Aug, 2nd Sep, 9th Sep, 16th Sep
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Over the 8 weeks we will look at:

• The connection to body, mind and spirit
• The influence of our Hormone System
• How Chakras can provide us with insights into every part of our lives
• How we can energise ourselves with breathing, energising movements and Yoga postures
• Their connections to crystals and Essential Oils

You will also have the time to identify stress and blockage and will learn how to balance your energy systems to become calmer and more relaxed, which allows you do make decisions with more clarity.
Doris creates a relaxing, nourishing and safe environment which encourages the sharing of knowledge over a cup of beautiful tea.

Course fee: $200 or book with a friend for only $160 each.

Please book on or before the 27th July to secure your spot.
The course is limited to 8 participants and booking is essential.

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This workshop requires booking by Sunday 27/7/2014.

To book use this link:

If you have any questions, please ring, text or email Doris Phone: 0432 494 413.
Email: doris@wholehealthkinesiology.com.au

I love to share my knowledge with you and if you have any questions please email me at doris@wholehealthkinesiology.com.au or ring me on 0432 494 413.

With Love, Grace and Gratitude
Doris Mounsey

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Doris Mounsey has a Diploma of Kinesiology and is a professional member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd (AIK) Membership No 562