Over the last 6 months life just got busy and I had my own Kinesiology session booked for mid-May, but then my beautiful friend and Kinesiologist got sick and I had to re-schedule. So it was over 6 month since I had my own Kinesiology session. I was so busy, that I forgot about my own Self-care and didn’t take time out to checked in with myself and my heart.

After a fantastic balance it was clear to me that this gap between sessions was too long and my Self-care and Well-Being had suffered.
My body had become really stressed and my adrenals were working overtime.
I could feel my adrenals were taking over and wanted me to start my day running.
I was living my life too much in my head, I was overthinking lots of things and had disconnected from my heart and my feelings.
I had become stuck in the rat-race again.

I got caught up in “my doing life“, got just too busy to feel what was going on within me and I didn’t allow myself to check in and just be. I lost touch and didn’t start my day with my normal trusted morning/waking up ritual. (Giving Gratitude and making this day the best day)

Self-Care to get ready for Spring

Why is it so good to start a new season with a Kinesiology session?

During our Kinesiology session we release the stress of our daily lives, we create this sacred calm space on the table, where we re-connect with our heart, with our real essence and can feel who we really are.

From this space we can think forward and answer the question “What do I want to create, do or experience within the next few month.”

My path forward

From this special space of calmness,

  • we align our plans to keep our body healthy,
  • we align our thinking to keep our mind balanced
  • we listen to what our heart really wants us to experience
  • we create the self-confidence to reach our best potential.

So the best time to have a Kinesiology balance and to check in with your heart is when the seasons change, asking yourself what would I like to achieve or create during this Spring or Summer.

Another good time is to check in with your heart and have a Kinesiology session is when you feel stuck, maybe in a relationship with a friend, family member or at work.

Then your Kinesiology session gives you clarity on why you are feeling stuck and how you want to move forward and create win/win situations. A real win/win situation honours your heart, gives you breathing space and provides you with clear boundaries.

Would you like to create your best Spring ever?