I was at a networking lunch today, promoting my first Chakra workshop for this year and got the following response.

“Are you promoting that you come from an analytic science background and that you have analysed the Chakra system in a scientific and logical way?”

Because sometimes we are too close to our passion and take our extensive knowledge for granted, I have never spoken about this angle of my Chakra work.

That’s why I like to share my logical approach to Chakras with you in my first blog for 2017. So here is my analytic approach to the Chakras.

I was a business and systems analyst in the IT industry for 12 years before I found Kinesiology and Yoga.


Ancient Chakra system can bring structure into our busy and sometimes chaotic and overwhelming life.

So I love structure, I look for structure in everything and when I studied the Chakra System for my Kinesiology Diploma, and I automatically analysed it and looked for its structure, its logic and how it would make sense to me.

Because when I have a structure and an overview, every other piece of information I get makes sense, has its place and is connected to the whole. As I understood the major Chakras, their connections and their structure, I found that a lot of things in my life suddenly made a lot of sense.

I found, that each of our major chakras acts like an antenna into our energetic body and receives a specific set of life situations, but they are also sending out our attitudes to these life situations. So they are two-way transmitters.
When I started to use this analogy, I developed awareness of what life-situation was coming into my energetic body and what vibe or attitude I was sending out about that situation to the world around me.

By developing this awareness, I started to get clarity around my different life situations, it became clear what part of the situation I needed to deal with and what other people had to deal with. It became clearer and clearer of “what was my stuff” and of “what was not my stuff”.

That’s why I love the polish saying
“Not my monkeys, not my Circus”

Here is a short overview of what is included in the 2 day Chakra Workshop:

During Day one of my Chakra course we look first at all the different perspective of the whole Chakra System to get a good overview, and then we go deep into what information or life situations or body issues are located within each Chakra. For each Chakra I also include TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) connections, Essential oils, crystals and Yoga poses.

On Day two we talk hormones and how they are connected to our major chakras, here you get an overview on how Chakras are used in energy medicine. In the afternoon we cover Koshas and energetic layer of Chakras, Nadis, Kundalini and the cycles of chakra development.

So if you are interested in how we can use the ancient wisdom of Chakras to help us to make sense in our modern busy life, then I love sharing my knowledge with you.

The next 2 day “Chakra, Energy Centres of Light” Workshop is on:
Day 1: Sunday,  21 May 2017 and
Day 2: Sunday,  4 June 2017