I like to share the knowledge with you that has created my love and passion for Chakras:

  • Our chakras are always communicating actively between our inner and outer world.

  • They are like radio antennas constantly receiving vibes from our environment and transmitting our vibes of how we feel to our surroundings.

  • That’s how we all connect on an energetic level.

That’s why I’m so passionate:
I want to know “what I’m sending out” and I want to be clear with all my communication on an energetic level.

I love to have choices, both ways:
first of “what I take in from my environment”
and secondly “what I send out”.

That’s why I have written my Chakra Course in a very logical and structured way, so that we all can use the wisdom of the chakras to communicate better and more effectively with people around us.

See you soon,
Love and Gratitude, Doris


2 Day Chakra Workshop

Day 1:  Sunday 21 May 2017  &
Day 2:  Sunday 4 June 2017