I love to work with you and help you to create a

healthy body, balanced mind and more vitality in your life.


80 min Kinesiology Sessions  $100.00

90 min Aromatic
Kinesiology® Discovery Sessions  $125.00
This session includes a 10ml Essential Oil Blend made with your session Essential oil

3-Session Kinesiology Session Pass for $250.00
(no time limit or expiry date)


Health Fund Rebates may be available



You can purchase your

3 Kinesiology Session Pass

online now.


3 Kinesiology Session Pass
(no time limit or expiry date)

After having purchased your 3 Kinesiology Session Pass, you can book your next Kinesiology Session online by entering the special code “3SESSIONS” in the Promotion Box BEFORE you start your booking.

Doris Mounsey KInesiology Yoga

Want to experience the benefits of Kinesiology?

Or book your Kinesiology session by phone:

Please ring Doris on 0432 494 413.

In case I'm in a session with a client and not available, please send me a text message 0432 494 413 and I will get in-touch with you.